What we do

We think that museums create moments of wonder which enrich people’s lives. They play a critical role in linking our past to the present and helping us to shape the future. They help us to explore the most profound and enduring questions humans can ask about why we are here and our place in the world. Museums bring meaning to our lives.

Our purpose is to create positive social change with museums.

  • Our business plan

    We’ve published our business plan for 2018 – 2022. It sets out our aims, mission, values, and priorities for the Cornwall Museums Strategy.

  • Our impact so far

    We’re delighted to share our second Impact Report for 2019/20, outlining what we’ve achieved as a charity over the last 12 months, and invite you to collaborate with us as we embark on even more exciting projects.

  • Current Projects

    From Young to Citizen Curators, rural proofing the small museums in the South West, to working on exciting digital projects – we’ve got a lot going on and there are plenty of ways to get involved.

  • Firm Foundations

    Our popular four-day masterclass for those about to embark on a capital development project is back.

  • Good Governance

    A board development tool with practical recommendations for your organisation.

  • Our Research Strategy

    Cornwall’s museums house collections of local, national and international importance which connect audiences to Cornish culture and Cornwall to the world. Our aim is to support museums to maintain and enhance their collections for the knowledge and inspiration of future generations.