The Environmental Award

We’re delighted that Tevi have sponsored 2019’s Environmental Award. Tevi supports enterprises to become more efficient with their natural resource use and to minimise their waste in smart and innovative ways as part of the global transition towards a circular economy.

This award will be made to a project or initiative that has made your organisation more sustainable or environmentally responsible, be it a small large project.

For example, this might include; adopting a plastic free policy, setting up a composting scheme, installing LED lighting, or an exhibition or outreach project promoting environmental issues etc.

The award will recognise work that has or has the potential to make an impact on people’s behaviour, encouraging environmentally responsible actions and promoting environmental issues.

The activity must be a new area of work for your organisation, and have taken place within the last year.

Separate awards will be made to both larger and small organisations.

Download an Environmental Award application form here.

Send completed application forms to by 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018.