The Project on a Budget Award

This award will be made to a museum or heritage organisation that has delivered a project with a small budget that mas made a big difference. The total cost of producing the project must be under £500 (excluding costs for staff time).

For example, this might include; an exhibition, outreach activity, new interpretation, marketing materials or a behind the scenes project that has helped to make significant improvements in your work.

This award is only open to smaller organisations; those that are volunteer run organisation or have less than 2 full-time equivalent members of staff (excluding non-heritage staff such as catering or tourist information team members).

The award will recognise that it is sometimes possible to achieve fantastic projects with small resources.

The activity must be a new area of improvement for your organisation, and have taken place within the last year.

Download a Project on a Budget Award application form here.

Send completed application forms to by 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018.