Supporting Gold Arts Award at museums

At Cornwall Museums Partnership we are committed to supporting a skilled and diverse workforce. In 2016, we  hosted a six-month Museum Development Assistant paid internship, part-funded by the Creative Employment Programme, which targeted young unemployed people aged between 16 – 24 in Cornwall.

Rachel Bell joined the CMP team in February 2016. Her role was structured so her internship also included the Gold Arts Award. This award is designed to develop young people’s creativity, communication, planning, teamwork, and leadership skills.


CMP at Royal Cornwall Show 2016

Splat the rat at Royal Cornwall Show

As this was Rachel’s first role within the cultural sector, during her time working with the partnership she worked with a number of heritage organisations to strengthen her knowledge and experience. In order to complete her Arts Award, Rachel utilised the supporter offers across 11 museums.

During her Arts Award, Rachel took part in a range of training and opportunities including reviewing exhibitions, meeting a range of museum staff and volunteers, exploring how Cornish identity is portrayed in museums across Cornwall, and delivering an arts marketing project at the Royal Cornwall Show.

This was the first time that Cornwall Museums Partnership had supported an individual through the Gold Arts Award. Rachel was one of only seven young people from across the country to achieve Gold Arts Award at a museum in 2016, which was a fantastic achievement for all involved.


As the partnership has an extensive network of museums, Rachel was able to quickly and easily tap into a wide range of supporter offers, which were tailored to her interests. From this, she was able to build a comprehensive portfolio that helped to support her future career. A case study featuring Rachel’s story is available in Arts Award’s brochure.

Following her internship Rachel is continuing her career in the heritage sector, accepting a position at Truro Cathedral shortly after completing her internship.

Cornwall Museums Partnership is always looking for ways we can increase and support further Arts Award opportunities for young people in museums across Cornwall. If you are interested in any future opportunities, please email for more information.


“The Arts Award gave my internship structure and encouraged me to reflect on what I have learned and achieved. It gives recognition of the professional skills I have gained and improved on through my six months at Cornwall Museums Partnership.”

Rachel Bell