Jul 2nd 2018

E-Learning Tender

Rural Proofing Resilience

Rural Proofing Resilience (RPR) is a Heritage Lottery Funded programme that has been designed to encourage and enable the cultural transformation of museums from reliant to independent organisations. RPR is being delivered by CMP in partnership with South West Museum Development. The aim of this project is to safeguard the future of rural and coastal museums.

The objectives of the RPR programme are to:

  • Help museums to diversify income streams
  • Support museums to work entrepreneurially
  • Improve the leadership within museums to enhance resilience
  • Promote positive culture change in museums
  • Diversify museum staff and volunteers, and boost capacity
  • Help museums to identify breakthrough solutions, including new systems and processes, to support their resilience and achieve strategic change.

As part of this programme we are looking for a supplier to develop and deliver a series of E-Learning courses based on 4 fundamental areas of museum development:

  • Fundraising
  • Charitable Finance Basics
  • Business Planning
  • Charitable Governance and Leadership

E-Learning Aims

  • To build the skills capacity of smaller rural and coastal museums in the 4 areas outlined above
  • To engage museum volunteers and staff at smaller museums in the benefits of ongoing skills development, and to encourage uptake of the RPR Peer Workshop programme

E-Learning Objectives

  • The starting point will be candidates who have little or no previous experience of the subject
  • By completing each E-Learning subject (2 workshops), candidates will understand the fundamentals of the subject and enable them to participate more fully in further training from a point of shared understanding

What we are looking for

A series of 8 E-Learning courses that are

  • An appropriate blend of animation, video, text, and graphics that appeal to our target audience. To include downloadable templates, links and interactive quizzes
  • Approximately 10-12 minutes in duration
  • Available across multiple devices
  • Easily accessible for our target audience
  • Cohesive and complementary, building the skills and engagement of our target audience across key areas

Who We Are Looking For

We are looking for a supplier  to develop and deliver the above programme of E-Learning to timeline outlined below. Ideally, someone who has an understanding of the heritage sector and who is able to provide pragmatic expert skills development on one or all of the subject areas outlined above. An understanding of how to pitch delivery is essential. Cornwall Museums Partnership will provide source content, however, we expect the supplier to be able to develop this to.


The E-Learning budget for all 4 areas is £20,000.00 inclusive of vat.

Award Criteria

We will base the award of contracts on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the brief and our audiences 20%
  • Cost 40%
  • Creativity and quality of E-learning delivery and resources 20%
  • Experience of deliverers 20%


We are looking for 1 course per programme area (4) to be completed and delivered by November 2018, with the remaining courses delivered by March 2019 following review of the initial tranche of courses.


Please provide:

  • Quote, including a full breakdown of all costs by Monday the 23rd July 2018
  • A short biog of all personnel, including relevant experience
  • An example of digital resource
  • A short narrative on your understanding of the sector and audience.

Any questions and quotes to:

Clare Pennington, Programme Manager, Cornwall Museums Partnership

Email: clare@cornwallmuseumspartnership.org.uk Telephone: 01209 500750

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