Mar 28th 2017

Gift Aid by Elanor Hoskin Consulting

HMRC test Gift Aid knowledge as part of the HMRC Gift Aid audit carried out at charities. HMRC need to be convinced those administering the scheme and those sharing information with donors are doing so correctly.

Gift Aid income has supported the charity sector since 1990. In that time HMRC has audited many thousands of charities and to date nearly £400 million has been repaid to HMRC in penalties and fines. Whether through avoidance, fraud or error, the repayments came to serve as a catalyst for HMRC to re-evaluate the Gift Aid processes which subsequently lead to the launch of new, stricter guidelines in December 2015.
The new stricter Gift Aid rules affect your charity whatever Gift Aid income stream your charity depends on, anyone operating the scheme on behalf of the charity must fully understand their role in the charity’s Gift Aid Scheme.

Training procedure

In order to be able to properly manage and administer Gift Aid for your organisation it’s imperative anyone engaging with donors and sponsors fully understand the Gift Aid rules. HMRC test Gift Aid knowledge as part of the HMRC Gift Aid audit carried out at charities. HMRC need to be convinced those administering the scheme, sharing information with donors, are doing so correctly. This means anyone responsible for Gift Aid at whatever level must have received appropriate training.

Record keeping

The very thought of keeping extensive records causes charities the biggest headaches but the process is actually very flexible. HMRC simply wants to see an audit to show that staff and volunteers have been trained to the required ability in order to fulfil their role in processing Gift Aid donations.

How does this affect your charity?

The new rules put greater emphasis on educating staff and volunteers to avoid both fraud and error in operating Gift Aid. To meet the training requirements, charities must demonstrate that everyone involved with the process, be it a volunteer or someone handling Gift Aid at the head office, has a good understanding of how it works.

Do you have Gift Aid confidence?

Giftease offers tailor made courses addressing all the issues discussed above and more. We show you how to deal with problems, how to put right problems which may cause your charity to fail an HMRC audit, what you need to do to train your own staff and how to make your organisation ready to maximise Gift Aid.

Elanor Hoskin Consulting is pleased to be working in conjunction with GiftEase™ to bring training and workshops to the South West. We are currently offering the below workshops and can also deliver bespoke organisational training tailored to your needs. You can visit the Elanor Hosking Consulting website here.

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