Cornish Object of the Year

This year it’s all about promoting and sharing Cornish heritage. Every collection has at least one fantastic object, something that tells an amazing story about Cornwall, something iconic or something that’s weird and wonderful. This award provides an opportunity to showcase these amazing artefacts.


The award will be selected by public vote. Make sure you have a good quality image that shows your object in its best light.


The story around your object will be as important as the picture – you will need to explain why it’s important to Cornwall’s heritage. Try to tell a story in your description – a good narrative captures the imagination.


This award is open to all museums and heritage organisations. You are only allowed to nominate one object per organisation, so please select the object carefully, and in agreement with your colleagues.


Please include at least one digital image of your object with your application.

Download a Cornish Object of the Year Award application form here.

Send completed application forms to by 5pm on Friday 14 December 2018.

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