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May 14th 2020

Infographics for Impact Report – Open Tender

Our Purpose and Values

Cornwall Museums Partnership is a charity that exists to create positive social change with museums. Our core values are collaboration, inclusivity and innovation.

What is the Impact Report?

The Impact Report showcases and outlines what we’ve achieved as a charity during 2019/2020 and what our next plans are for the coming year. This brochure is an invitation to collaborate with Cornwall Museums Partnership as we embark on our next phase with numerous projects and collaborations.

Project Brief

We are looking for a set of 10 infographics that highlight the main statistics within the report. We will share these infographics on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and our website.

These infographics need to grab the attention of the reader, showcase clearly each statistic and what it represents, and have an element of fun yet a corporate feel to it, keeping inline with the report.

The infographics will come in various sizes so that we can use them across the four social media platforms, as well as on our website and within publications or reports that we may wish to send out.

We would need these infographics in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG and .ai and they would be licensed to Cornwall Museums Partnership to use for the foreseeable future.

Core Audience

The audience we are aiming these infographics at are those in the museum and gallery sector. We will also be targeting these infographics at the museums of Cornwall, as well as branching out of Cornwall to reach a more national museum and gallery audience. We will also be targeting our funders and partners.


Tender Deadline: Monday 25 May 2020

Infographics Deadline: Monday 15 June 2020

How to Apply

Please submit your proposal, including a breakdown of costs by 5pm on Monday 25 May 2020 to
If you have any questions, please get in touch with Jody Woolcock, Marketing and Impact Officer, on