Mar 30th 2017

PR Tips and Tricks

Similar to a Marketing Strategy, a Public Relations Strategy is essential – especially for charities and, more specifically, museums. It is often quite difficult to spread the word through the media world, especially when there are so many exciting things happening in your museum and there are is a lack of a strong relationship between journalists and people working within the heritage and cultural sector. Thus, a good PR strategy is deemed necessary for your organisation; without it, it will be impossible to tell the world about all the good stuff happening at your museum!

What’s in it for journalists?

“Good media relations is like that two-way friendship. The effective PR person is always thinking: what is in the interests of the journalist? The ineffective PR person only asks: what message does my employer want me to drum repeatedly?” Alex Singleton, the PR Masterclass. The majority of PR pitches fail to acknowledge the interests and needs of the journalists. Don’t forget that you need to give them something in order for them to to give you coverage.

Where do you want to see your name in?

Read, read, read! Subscribe and read the publications in which you want coverage; it is always better to be familiarised with them before you approach them.

Be pro active!

Don’t expect to master those PR skills by being idle – try to book yourself on PR training courses, pick up a book and follow relevant articles to keep yourself up to date. Practice makes perfect.

Serious about PR?

If you think that your museum/organisation could benefit from some lessons on PR, Cornwall Museums Partnership is hosting a PR workshop ‘PR Tips and Tricks’ for heritage organisations at the Truro Community Library on Thursday 22 June, from 9am – 1pm. The aim of this free workshop is for museums to pick up some simple tips from media professionals on what they look for in a great press release – do’s and don’ts, tips on how to write and get a press release published, and all things media.

If you want to support your organisations events and shout about the amazing things that museums are doing to a wider audience, then this is the ideal opportunity to come and learn some tips from the professionals. The session is free, but early booking is essential as numbers are limited. The session is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the Catalyst Skills Programme. To book please click here.

To benefit more from the training that Cornwall Museums Partnership offers through Catalyst Skills Programme (funded by HLF), please visit our website and book your place today for the upcoming events:

25 April: Making Legacy and Major Donor Fundraising work for you

9 May: Marketing and Branding – The dark arts

10 May: Digital Magic – Websites, PR and Social Media


Source: The PR Masterclass (chapter 1), by Alex Singleton:

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