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Futureproofing Museums for a Post-Covid World: The Potential of Immersive Tech

The Museums Immersive Network webinar, ‘Futureproofing Museums for a Post-Covid World: The Potential of Immersive Tech’, hosted on January 27 2021 by CMP and XpoNorth is now available to watch on the CMP YouTube Channel.

The webinar focuses on how immersive technology can be utilised to futureproof museums in a post-Covid world. The presentations cover a range of social, technological, and collaborative developments in the museum and cultural sector across the world, which have happened during lockdown or in response to the pandemic.

To view the full programme of guest speakers and talks, you can read the event programme here.

The Museums Immersive Network has been established to promote and share best practice, new developments, skills development opportunities, and potential collaborations with immersive technology and museums. Immersive technology offers the potential to interpret our collections and share our stories in new, accessible, and interesting ways. We hope the Museums Immersive Network will support the establishment of immersive technology more broadly within the sector and boost confidence in working with tech businesses to create new experiences for our communities.

For more information about MIN you can view the project webpage; listen to the podcast ‘Immersively, Museums’ on Spotify; or follow @MuseumsIN on Twitter.

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