Help us determine the Object of the Year

Our Museums are a secret treasure chest of objects that uncover the key to Cornwall’s rich past. Scattered all over the county, our heritage sites contain some of the most exciting and objects that each tell a unique story of times forgotten.

Cornwall has over 100 museums scattered across the county, and every collection has at least object, that catches your eye, tells an amazing story, and leaves a lasting impression.

It could be something iconic or just a piece that’s weird and wonderful.

Devon and Cornwall Media have partnered with Cornwall Museums Partnership to find Cornwall’s Museum Object of the Year. We need your help to discover which museum deserves this worthy title.

Help us determine the winner by voting in our online poll. The entry with the most votes, as decided by you the public, will be presented with an award at the 2018 Cornwall Heritage Awards.

“The first Cornwall Heritage Awards is a fantastic opportunity for museums and heritage organisations to showcase some of the amazing work they are doing, and we are really excited to open up the Object of the Year award for everyone to have a say.

“We believe all museums have at least one object within their collection that tells an amazing story; that is iconic or weird and wonderful. That is why we need people to choose their favourite object to receive this special award,” said Bryony Robins, Museums Development Officer, Cornwall Museums Partnership

Cornwall’s museums house collections which connect people to Cornish culture and Cornwall to the world. The objects they hold have fascinating stories to tell about Cornwall’s past, they help us reflect on the present and imagine what the future may hold.

“The Cornwall Heritage Awards is a fantastic opportunity to help shine a light on Cornwall’s unique heritage, the thousands of volunteers who care for it and the value it has for us all,” added Emmie Kell, CEO Cornwall Museums Partnership.

You can vote for your favourite object on the Cornwall Live website. The poll will be closing on Thursday the 15th of February.

Cornwall Heritage Awards 2018 – Object of the year

Have you ever been to a museum and been mesmerised by a specific object in its collection? I know I certainly have.

Whether you find yourself in a small folk museum, or a large, national, I-need-three-hours-to-see-everything-museum, it is essentially impossible to love every single object within the collection. Different people are usually drawn and attracted  to different objects; the same object that will strike my attention will probably be somewhat passed by most people. I often find myself being captured by an object or painting and spending so much time looking at it, observing it, reading about it and just taking it in. I am sure everyone is familiar with this.

The Cornwall Heritage Awards 2018 – Object of the Year Award

Every collection in every single museum in Cornwall has at least one stellar object, something that tells an amazing story, something iconic or something that’s weird and wonderful. This award provides an opportunity to showcase these amazing artefacts.

Museums can nominate their favourite objects by the 15th of December, and from then on, it is up to the public to decide which object is awarded Object of the Year. We are extremely grateful to Devon and Cornwall Media for making this award possible by public vote, via Cornwall Live.

The story around your object will be as important as the picture – you will need to explain why it’s worth considering, be that because it particularly attention grabbing, of high cultural value or significant to your community.

This award is open to all museums and heritage organisations.

The deadline for award nominations is less than two months away! To see the full list of award categories you can nominate your organisation for, visit our website.