Aug 20th 2019

Tender Opportunity – wAVE PR and Marketing


The Coastal Communities wAVE project will support five coastal communities to deliver economic diversification and innovation. Through the creation of virtual, augmented, and immersive heritage experiences, and the implementation of local engagement activities, these communities will gain access to new, year-round, higher value tourist markets.

The project will enable research experts and technologists to come together with local communities to take visitors on a compelling immersive and interactive journey to the past. This will present new opportunities for year-round international and domestic tourism while also celebrating Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly’s rich and distinctive heritage. The initiative will provide a blueprint for digitally enhancing visitor experiences, designed to increase visitor numbers, thereby breathing new life into the five participating coastal economies in a way that can be replicated across the coastal communities of the UK.

The technology will be developed by Falmouth University in partnership with Cornwall Museums Partnership; Telegraph Museum Porthcurno; Castle Heritage Centre, Bude; St Agnes Museum; Isles of Scilly and the Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol, Looe.

After an extensive period of consultation, development, community engagement and testing, the technology will be launched in a phased manner in each of the five museums. The project launched in April 2019, with the first experience now due to be launched in January 2020.


The wAVE project objectives are to:

1) Co-develop in partnership with five participating local communities virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences within site-specific museum spaces located on the coast of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

2) Interpret the participating museums’ assets and/or local areas’ cultural heritage in new ways that provide visitors with an enjoyable, contemporary and inclusive virtual experience

3) Increase footfall to the participating museums by 24,825 and therefore strengthen the visitor and heritage economy in five coastal communities across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

4) Strengthen knowledge-sharing and digital skills development across Cornwall to help future-proof the visitor economy and to develop a blueprint for replication across the UK

The project will be delivered via three strands:

1) Digital Revival: Each museum and local community will work with Falmouth University’s research experts to develop and implement innovative technologies to create new, immersive visitor experiences. VR headsets, HD projection techniques and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) will bring museum artefacts and local heritage (including that which is largely inaccessible, e.g. shipwrecks) to life. Visitors will meet exciting historical
figures, explore heritage sites, see ancient artefacts and extinct sea creatures in their original settings or be propelled into the depths of the ocean on a sunken wreck. 360° films will be created and disseminated through online media platforms e.g. Visit Cornwall, and via international tour operators to presell these highly interactive experiences. This will enable the UK to exploit emerging global tourism markets through cutting-edge immersive marketing.

2) Human-Centred Design: wAVE will engage participating museum staff, volunteers and their local communities, through a targeted co-design programme. This will ensure a high degree of involvement and buy-in from local people and ensure that our products are informed by their knowledge of the needs and desires of key target markets.

3) Impact and Legacy: wAVE will involve local communities in a programme of digital training to ensure that the opportunity presented by immersive technology is seized by a wider number of tourism businesses. A core component of the project is to ensure that local people are able to add value to their businesses through better access to and understanding of their local heritage and by developing the skills and networks to benefit from immersive experiences developed through the project. wAVE is designed to help coastal tourism businesses future-proof their offer, by helping them to differentiate their product, make their businesses more visible and access new virtual experiences which they can share with their partners and use to entice new visitors.


£10,000 in Y1, rising to £25,000 in Y2

Target Market

wAVE spans the Gen Y and Millennial age groups who have high service expectations, which include a dependency on, and access to, innovative technology. wAVE responds to their preference for unique experiences and their interest in learning about and experiencing other cultures. There are two predominant target audiences for wAVE:

1) Primary Focus

– Visitors from Emerging Markets

– Younger, tech savvy tourists from USA and Northern Europe

– Communications strategy with targeted social media advertising, key travel review sites e.g. Trip Advisor, and other popular online destinations such as Secret Escapes, AirBnB Experiences, and Trivago

2) Community Engagement Groups

– To be engaged at each of the five locations, to include at least 290 private businesses

– Local creative, heritage and tourism businesses, organisations and individuals brought together for the benefit of the local economy

– This approach to community engagement is a core aspect of the project’s business model as it will ensure local buy-in and local ownership from the outset

– It will also introduce a cross section of the community to the potential of immersive tech and build strong local networks
We will need support from the appointed agency to bring insight into the particular needs of the identified target groups and beneficiaries.


The successful agency will be reporting to Amy Shakespeare, wAVE Community Project Manager at Cornwall Museums Partnership. Amy has overall responsibility for the delivery of the project, including the Marketing and PR activities.

The project is led by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership, with Cornwall Museums Partnership and Falmouth University. The five museums involved are Telegraph Museum Porthcurno; Castle Heritage Centre, Bude; St Agnes Museum; Isles of Scilly and the Old Guildhall Museum & Gaol, Looe.


Immersive Visualisation Options

360° tours of the museums and heritage landscapes (which Falmouth University can create) will be available to help travellers become acquainted with a part of the UK that they are not already familiar with.

Digital Access to Community Events

We have a commitment to provide digital access to the community events and training which will be run as part of the project.

The Brief

We are looking for an experienced agency that can bring insights into the particular needs of the identified target groups and beneficiaries.

– Develop and manage marketing activities including development of a detailed Marketing and Communications Strategy informed by the latest tourism data, identifying activities and outcomes at a local, national, and international level with communications tailored to the target audiences

– Strategy to include at minimum – targeted advertising on social media, key travel review sites including Trip Advisor and other popular online destinations such as Secret Escapes, AirBnB Experiences and Trivago that are accessed by younger tech savvy tourists

– Management of marketing and communications activity

Selection Process

Proposals will be assessed on the following criteria:

– Understanding of the brief

– Understanding of our target audiences

– Experience of agency

– Creativity and quality of proposal

Please submit your proposal including a breakdown of costs by 5pm on Friday 30 August 2019 to

Any questions please get in touch with Amy Shakespeare, wAVE Community Project Manager on 01209 500750 or

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