Finds Liaison Officer – Museum of Cornish Life, Helston

The Museum of Cornish Life is offering an exciting opportunity to join their friendly and dedicated team as the Finds Liaison Officer in Cornwall. Based at the Museum of Cornish Life you will work with a small staff team (Director, Community Engagement Curator and Apprentice) supported each week by over 80 volunteers.

The purpose of this role is to record archaeological objects found by the public, including metal detector users, to advance archaeological knowledge and to increase opportunities for active public involvement in archaeology. This role is funded by the British Museum in partnership with Cornwall Council

For more information and to apply, please click here; Job Description

Public Attitudes Survey – Summary

A summary report of research into the attitudes of the public to the reopening of museums in Cornwall.

29th June 2020


Cornwall is home to more accredited museums than any other region. Culture and heritage matter to people in Cornwall; they are at the heart of its distinctive identity and sense of place.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all museums in Cornwall, and indeed nationwide, have been closed to the public since 21st March 2020. The current government position, as published in the ‘roadmap’ is that museums may re-open to the public from the 4th July onwards.

Museums across Cornwall are currently assessing the viability of reopening. This is not purely an economic matter; they have a responsibility to their communities and wanted to understand more about public opinion. To inform their planning we commissioned research to understand better what public attitudes in Cornwall are.
The survey was designed to be a short and focused piece of independent research which could quickly capture the current ‘mood’ of the public in Cornwall and their views about the possible re-opening of museums.

We wanted to find out:

• What people miss about not being able to visit museums;
• What people go to museums for;
• How people would feel if museums in Cornwall were to re-open;
• How likely they would be to visit;
• What factors would encourage them to visit;
• What factors would put them off visiting.

Read the full report here; Public Attitudes Survey Summary Report