May 29th 2018

Cornwall Museums Strategy

We’re proud to launch the Cornwall Museums Strategy. This strategy sets out the aims for museums in Cornwall. It is a plan that we have developed with staff and volunteers from museums across Cornwall. The strategy sets out our collective intentions, based on what we have learned from working collaboratively with each other, and with our communities.

The Cornwall Museums Strategy cards will help museums in Cornwall personalise the strategy for their organisation, which can then be utilised for a whole range of things such as fundraising, forward planning and business plans.

The cards have been inclusively designed so they are as accessible and of course, made in Cornwall. We will soon be distributing the cards, so watch this space for updates.

Download the strategy here.

For more information or to request a pack, contact us at

Read the full plain text version of the strategy here.

How the cards work together to create an inclusive strategy.
















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