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Cornwall Museums Partnership

Freelance Illustrator

Bonfire Dog Ltd
Looe, Cornwall
£1000 (flat rate)
Part time

South West-based Illustrator for Museum Installation | £1000.00 (flat fee)

The project will produce an interactive audio installation for the Museum’s downstairs gallery. Exploring the details of a fictional crime taking place in the town during the 19th century, visitors will listen to the testimonies of key witnesses and suspects, before making their own decision as to whether the defendant is guilty or not.

The narrative and interaction design is being conducted in collaboration with local communities, to ensure that the experience both reflects the history of the town and its contemporary issues.

The commissioned illustrator would be responsible for producing line-illustrated portraits of each of the characters (six to eight individuals) giving a testimony. These would be based on written prompts by the design team and would need to be delivered as digital files, which will then be engraved into the installation using a CNC machine.

Find out more and apply here: apply for freelance illustrator role