Feb 16th 2017

Museums Association publishes Manifesto for Tolerance and Inclusion

In light of the changing political state in the US, including the recent travel ban, and the high levels of racism, xenophobia and intolerance in the UK following the referendum, the MA has issued a Manifesto for Tolerance and Inclusion.

The manifesto aims to reflect the ethical values that museums should maintain, including tolerance, inclusion, equality and diversity. It further goes on to summarise some of the practical actions museums can take in order to actively promote these values within their work. The manifesto urges museums to ensure they are welcoming to all, while at the same time to use their diverse collections to tell the rich stories of immigration to and from the UK, and the role this has played in shaping culture, community and place. Finally, it also urges museums to take part in Refugee Week on 19-25 June, an event organised by the Refugee Council.

For more information: http://tinyurl.com/jmhl39s

Read the full MA Manifesto for Tolerance and Inclusion here: 06022017-Museum-manifesto-tolerance-inclusion[2]