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Cornwall Museums Partnership

About CMP

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CMP existed to create positive social change with museums


An Update on CMP’s closure

It was with great sadness that we shared this update on behalf of Cornwall Museum Partnership’s deeply committed, and talented, team and Board. Please click the button below to read the full statement.

Read the full statement here

We are proud to have supported the museum sector in Cornwall

Our Impact with museums

Museums play a critical role in enriching people’s lives; linking our past to the present, whilst helping us to shape the future. They enable greater understanding and empathy by providing a view of the world through other people’s eyes. They can be a focal point for communities, bringing people together, promoting wellbeing and tackling loneliness. They are an important, and often overlooked, part of our civic infrastructure and they contribute millions every year to their local economies.

You can find out more about what CMP did and the impact we created with museums in our impact reports.

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