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Cornwall Museums Partnership


Categories 1-7 will each be shortlisted and judged by a relevant expert from the heritage sector or an aligned sector. Where possible, judges will be from outside of Cornwall. Where the best person to judge a category is in Cornwall, they will remain as impartial as possible. 

Category 8 Object for the Year will be shortlisted by a professional with relevant expertise.  The winner will be decided by public vote. 

A maximum of 3 entries will be shortlisted for categories 1-7 and 7 entries for category 8.  

Inclusion and environmental sustainability submissions will be scored by relevant experts, who will form a panel to decide on the winners of Spirit of the Awards. 

Please read the full application guidance for details of judging criteria.  

CMP employees and board members do not take part in any shortlisting or judging. See more information on the judges here: CHA24 Judges

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