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Cornwall Museums Partnership

Our Impact

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Our impact

Since 2015, CMP has worked with 24 funders, unlocking £8.1m for the sector, and been there to provide support through projects, programmes, funding, advice, advocacy and opportunities to convene for the 70+ museums and heritage settings across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.


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Creating positive social change with museums

Our unique and vital sector role has enabled us to secure more than £8m of funding from 24 funders, providing us with the ability to: develop and deliver over 40 collaborative and socially impactful projects and programmes; invest almost £5.3m directly into heritage and culture in Cornwall; create and support nearly 200 cultural and museum jobs; strategically represent the sector on 12 national and regional boards and working groups; provide over 500 sector development opportunities; and broker collaborations with over 400 third sector and CreaTech partners.

Supporting the sector

Through our work we have invested over £3.5m directly into 63 museums and heritage organisations in Cornwall to deliver more than 40 collaborative programmes and projects.

We have provided more than 500 sector workforce development opportunities, and have established and facilitated 13 peer and specialist museum networks.

Moreover, we are delighted that the investment we have sourced for cultural and heritage activities in Cornwall has either created or supported an incredible 178 jobs for 173 people.

Supporting the cultural ecosystem

Collaboration has been the beating heart of CMP since we started in 2015. Over the 8 years of our collaborative programme development and delivery, we have brokered museum collaborations with more than 400 incredible partners, including third sector organisations, specialist businesses and CreaTech companies; investing a total of £1.2m investment into their work.

We have also been privileged to invest £530,000 into the specialist work and knowledge of 95 freelancers and consultants for the benefit and development of museums in Cornwall.

Our Funders