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Cornwall Museums Partnership

How do the Awards work?

Museums and heritage organisations self-nominate their work or colleagues using the appropriate application form. You may submit more than one application for each category if you wish or nominate the same piece of work or individual for more than one category. We may move an application into a different category if we feel it is more appropriate. 

The closing date for applications is Sunday 19 November 2023. There will be no extension.  

A maximum of three applications will be shortlisted for categories 1-7. Shortlisted applicants will be informed by Friday 1st December.  If your entry is shortlisted, you will need to provide at least two good quality photographs to support your application and for use in the ceremony.

A maximum of seven objects will be shortlisted for Object of the Year. Shortlisted applicants will be informed as soon as possible after the application deadline. If your object is shortlisted, we will arrange and pay for professional photography of the object between Monday 20 November and Friday 1 December. You will be provided with licensed copies of the images for your own use. 

Judging will be undertaken by independent experts. A public vote for Object of the Year will take place from Tuesday 5 December 2023 to Monday 8 January 2024, hosted on CMP’s website. You are encouraged to share and promote the online vote via your own networks.  

The final results will be announced at the Cornwall Heritage Awards ceremony on Wednesday 7th February 2024.   

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