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A Day in the Life: Magali Guastalegnanne, wAVE Digital Marketing Intern

Welcome to our blog series, ‘A Day in the Life…’ which features a member of the CMP team and what they get up to on a typical day at work. 

Next up is Magali Guastalegnanne, Digital Marketing Intern on the wAVE Project. Read on for more about how Magali spends her time at Cornwall Museums Partnership.

A young woman in a blue jumper and jeans sits on a rocky outcrop in a sunny desert environment.

As the Digital Marketing Intern for the wAVE project (which you can find out more about on this webpage) there are two things my day normally starts with: checking messages/emails and social media. Social media is a very big part of what I do, and even just over the two months that I’ve been here it’s been a real joy to watch it grow and develop. Typically, I will first spend some time seeing how posts from the previous day have been received and checking what’s happening on all the platforms.

I run two social media accounts, the first is an Instagram account for Coastal Timetripping (the public facing name for wAVE). Coastal Timetripping is a really interesting project where 5 different museums are launching immersive technology experiences in their area. These location-specific adventures allow travellers to ‘move through time’, experiencing Cornwall’s dramatic and vivid past in our advanced modern day. It’s been really exciting to work on and I can’t wait to see it launch this Spring. I’ve especially enjoyed working with all the beautiful pictures that were taken last year for the Instagram account, and researching information about the locations to share. Recently, I’ve also begun working on stories for the account which has been a bit experimental and quite fun to do.

The second account I run is a Twitter account for the Museums Immersive Network (MIN). The network is an off shoot of the wAVE project that was created in partnership with XpoNorth to build bridges between tech businesses, museums, and heritage sites. Immersive technology includes technology such as virtual and augmented reality, holograms, chatbots, AI, facial recognition and lots more in this rapidly developing field. A big part of this is going through Twitter and keeping up with what is happening in the heritage and immersive tech sector, in particular anything that involves both.

A collection of small cardboard boxes each bearing colourful designs.

Magali’s Fun Palace crafting sessions

I started working with CMP at the beginning of January, which means a typical working day for me is in my bedroom. However, despite this I have come to know the staff at CMP quite well thanks to the regular catch ups as well as the posts and chats. Recently, we even did a Random Act of Kindness week where everyone was matched up with a different person to do an anonymous act of kindness for. These varied from gifts sets and anonymously sent packages, to research for home décor. I particularly enjoy the weekly arts and crafts sessions that we do, it encourages me to keep up with a creative hobby and it’s also great fun to see what everyone is making.

I also work on blog posts for the CMP website about wAVE and MIN, as well as blog posts for the official Coastal Timetripping website. The Coastal Timetripping blog posts usually look at what people can do in the coastal communities where the immersive experiences are, for instance walks in the area, nearby attractions that are worth a visit etc. Occasionally, I also respond to enquiries sent via the website and through the MIN Twitter asking for information or proposing collaborations. Typically, around 3.00-4.00 pm I take a break to walk the dog and get some exercise. It’s good to have some fresh air and a bit of a break at this time in the day, I find it makes it easier to concentrate when I get back.

A golden Labrador looks up at the camera.

After this it’s a few more hours of work and then the end of the day! Occasionally I also have meetings or email exchanges with the museums, marketing company and other wAVE partners such as Falmouth University who developed the immersive tech experiences. These are usually a good chance to catch-up on what both sides have been doing, discuss anything that needs our collective input and what we’re planning to do moving forwards. Though some days there are just one or two meetings, others are considerably more manic. I’ve had a fantastic time working for CMP, I’m close to halfway through my internship now and I’m looking forward to the rest of it (especially if we can go back to offices and be able to meet face to face)!


– Magali Guastalegnanne, wAVE Digital Marketing Intern

Magali works Mondays to Fridays and can be contacted at

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