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Citizen Curator Zine

Citizens Curator Zine

“Cornish identities have been shaped by a constant stream of meeting and working with different people, as well as by our landscapes, materials, shared hopes, celebration and understanding.”

The Citizen Curators Zine presents an “ark of stories, memories and testimonies that represent Cornwall and Cornishness to us. There are no traditional categories or themes. Each submission has been made voluntarily by a citizen curator and intended to reflect the diversity of Cornish society past and present, and to reflect their varied personalities and interests.”

This wonderfully creative zine has been interpreted and illustrated by two former Citizen Curators. If you’d like a copy, you can find them stocked in museums across Cornwall. We also have copies that we can share so please get in touch if you’d like one. Click the link below to take a look at the Zine in a PDF format.

Citizens Curator Zine

Citizen Curators is a free work-based training programme in museum awareness and modern curatorial practice aimed at volunteers from our community. The programme is provided by Cornwall Museums Partnership in collaboration with seven museums, with the main goal of providing a new form of meaningful museum participation. The programme is led by Dr Tehmina Goskar, Curator and Director of the Curatorial Research Centre.

Content in this post has been taken from the introduction of this zine, which was written by Dr Tehmina Goskar.

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