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Cornwall Museums Partnership

Cornwall Museums Partnership announces recruitment search for new Board Chair and trustees to commence in early 2023

The recently appointed Interim Co-chairs of Cornwall Museums Partnership (CMP), Zoe Partington and Sara Matson, have announced that the organisation will commence an executive search for a new Chair after Fiona Morris, chair of CMP for four years, has come to the end of her tenure. Fiona extended her three-year term to support the recruitment and onboarding of CMP’s new CEO.

Sara Matson headshot on the left and Zoe Partington headshot on the right

Sara Matson and Zoe Partington

Commenting on Fiona’s extraordinary and successful contribution to CMP, the Board of Trustees reflected, “We are incredibly grateful to Fiona for her tremendous work which has contributed to CMP being a major force for good in the museum, heritage, arts, and culture communities of Cornwall. Her dynamism, flair and determination has really helped CMP fulfil its core objective of providing support, representation, and strategic guidance to over seventy museums and heritage settings across Cornwall. Her work has done much to enable each museum and heritage project to be healthier financially and recognised for their contribution to society, culture, and economic wealth, while providing them with a voice locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.” 

“My time with CMP has been incredibly fulfilling and watching the charity grow and adapt in such a positive way over the four years I have been chair has been truly inspiring”, Fiona told colleagues. “It has been wonderful to be a part of CMP’s journey and I know the team and Board will continue this important work.”  

She added: “I have been particularly proud of the annual Cornwall Heritage Awards, and how our museums are collaborating with CMP in accelerating climate action. I’ve also enjoyed seeing what a difference the Culture Card is making to young people who are care experienced in Cornwall and am excited to see the next steps of the work CMP are doing with the Museum of Carefree.” 

The Board will undertake an open executive search using a third-party recruiter for a new Board Chair and trustees of the charity early in 2023.

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