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NPO Apprentices and Intern Network

Two things I’ve not done before: hosted an event and wrote a blog about hosting an event. But there’s a first for everything and I always believe that the only way you’ll get better at something is by doing it. To put this into context, I was tasked with organising and hosting a networking event for all of the apprentices and interns within the NPO programme. The idea was to establish good communication links between everyone, as we all are linked with the work we do but most of us had never met each other.

My event was small, a two-hour session with nine of us, but behind those two hours was a lot of preparation and a whole lot of learning. Thankfully the group was amazing, my biggest fear was not filling the time but we ended up over-running. The session itself was great from my point of view, everyone got involved and considering hardly any of us had met beforehand it didn’t feel that way at all. It was great hearing about everyone’s workplace projects, and I tried to keep the session relaxed to encourage more free conversation. Sam Jackman from Cultivator joined us halfway through, and it was great having her expertise in the room. She provided that knowledge that I didn’t have, which led to more in-depth conversation. Overall everything went amazingly (from my point of view at least) and I look forward to the next!

– Kai Caban, Business Administration Apprentice

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