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Cornwall Museums Partnership

Online abuse policy

Our Communications Values:

CMP welcomes communication about our projects and activities and we ask for your comments to be respectful, appropriate and mindful of the individuals who work with or for us.

We ask that comments are not rude, offensive or illegal. It is an offence for a person to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour that causes, or is likely to cause, another person harassment, alarm or distress*.

If rude, offensive or illegal online comments are directed at our organisation or individuals working with or for us, we will not engage with these comments. We may report them to the platform, if they break that platform’s rules, or to the police if they break the law.

Specifically, we will not engage with online comments that are directed at our organisation or individuals working with or for us and that:

  • Are abusive, offensive, threatening, disruptive or inappropriate
  • Contain someone else’s personal information.
  • Are illegal, suggest or glamorise illegal activity
  • Are defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)
  • Are in contempt of court (anything that could affect the outcome of a court case)
  • Infringe anyone’s rights, including privacy rights
  • Put children at risk
  • Are posted for financial gain (advertising, sponsorship etc.)
  • Are off topic where there is a specific topic. This includes commenting for the purpose of derailing the conversation with the intention of discussing another topic
  • Don’t comply with the rules or guidelines of the website or online platform on which they are published

*Under the Public Order Act 1986 for the UK.

Content Use Statement:

CMP holds the copyright to a number of images and operates under the United Kingdom’s copyright laws. While CMP is happy for people to re-use these images in the course of day-to-day communication (such as posts from individuals on social media sites), action will be taken to request removal of images where communication using CMP’s images is illegal in nature, may potentially cause harm or offense, or may bring CMP into disrepute by association.

This may include but is not limited to instances where communication is: threatening, abusive, uses insulting words, includes behaviour that causes or is likely to cause another person harassment, alarm or distress. It also includes unlawful discrimination, hate speech and victimisation.

Unauthorised use, including alteration of copyrighted images, may result in a request for removal of images, or a request for a licence to be purchased.

Where a photograph has been taken in which a copyrighted image owned by CMP forms an essential part of the resulting image, then reproducing the resultant photo is likely to be an infringement of copyright.

If you wish to publish CMP’s copyrighted images, such as via a magazine, website or blog, our prior written agreement must be sought. In this instance, please contact us at

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