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How to Write a Press Release

Cornwall Museums Partnership’s Marketing and Impact Officer, Jody Woolcock, has put together a simple step-by-step document on how to write a press release. Please use this template as a rough guideline – not all press releases can follow this template, but this should help you identify what goes where and how long each paragraph should be.


Headline of Press Release


For Immediate Release Date of Publish                                  Press Contact Info


  • Summary
  • Of
  • Press release
  • In bullet points


Intro paragraph – what is the press release about?

Length: 100 – 150 words


Second paragraph – here you will go into more detail about the subject of the press release. You will also include a relevant quote in this paragraph.

Length: 150 – 200 words


Third paragraph – include more relevant information that the reader needs to know.

Length: 100 – 200 words


Closing paragraph – summarise information and come to a natural end.

Length: 150 – 200 words


Boilerplate – to make the press release credible and in turn, more likely to be picked up by the press, here you will write a brief description of the company/charity with any key business information.

Length: 100 words


Download a copy of the Press-Release-Template


Jody Woolcock

– Marketing and Impact Officer

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