Last call for entries for Cornwall Heritage Awards

There is less than one week left to enter this year’s Cornwall Heritage Awards. The awards application process will close at 5pm on Friday 15th December, 2017.

The awards, which were officially launched in October, will give the opportunity to showcase the hard work of museums as well as the staff, volunteers and trustees that support them.

Applicants can enter up to seven awards, which include innovative project of the year, heritage heroes, the family friendly award, the audience initiative award, the Cornish heritage award, project on a budget, and the object of the year award, which will be subject to a public vote in the new year.

Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony that takes place on 20th March, 2018 at Scorrier House in Redruth.

For more information and to apply, please visit the Cornwall Museums Partnership website:



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Distributed by Jenna Marrion, MPM Project Manager at Cornwall Museums Partnership.

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The awards are supported by media partners Devon and Cornwall Media, and Radio Cornwall.

The Cornwall Heritage Awards has been created and organised by Cornwall Museums Partnership.

The Awards are not for profit and seek to promote the achievements of heritage organisations within Cornwall.

Cornwall Museums Partnership is a charity that exists to support museums in Cornwall.

CMP encourages museums to work together, helping create a stronger voice for heritage here in Cornwall.

Why innovation in museums should be celebrated

When we think about innovation in the arts and heritage sector, we often tend to think about expensive, high-end innovation projects in large museums. But here’s a good question: Can smaller museums be just as innovative? The answer is yes – they can!

We often hear the case of how a 21st century museum should look like, and the one thing that is constantly relevant is innovation and the move towards a more creative and innovative approach. It is, hence, important for museums to stay relevant and to think creatively so they can work more efficiently, effectively and to attract wider audiences.

Cornwall Heritage Awards 2018 – The Innovation Award

The Innovation Award will celebrate projects, initiatives or ways of working which have made museums or heritage organisations in Cornwall more resilient, entrepreneurial or innovative. This might include a ground-breaking fundraising project, an effective partnership which has brought something fresh to your organisation, the introduction of a sustainable solution, or an innovative project or idea that contributed to the financial stability of your organisation.

The award will recognise and celebrate creative and entrepreneurial thinking that has made a difference and contributed to the long-term sustainability of your organisation. The deadline to apply for this award is the 15th of December.

Do not forget: The activity must be a new area of improvement for your organisation, and have been introduced after 1 January 2016.

This category is open to all museums and heritage organisations with separate awards for smaller and larger organisations.

Cornwall Heritage Awards 2018 – Object of the year

Have you ever been to a museum and been mesmerised by a specific object in its collection? I know I certainly have.

Whether you find yourself in a small folk museum, or a large, national, I-need-three-hours-to-see-everything-museum, it is essentially impossible to love every single object within the collection. Different people are usually drawn and attracted  to different objects; the same object that will strike my attention will probably be somewhat passed by most people. I often find myself being captured by an object or painting and spending so much time looking at it, observing it, reading about it and just taking it in. I am sure everyone is familiar with this.

The Cornwall Heritage Awards 2018 – Object of the Year Award

Every collection in every single museum in Cornwall has at least one stellar object, something that tells an amazing story, something iconic or something that’s weird and wonderful. This award provides an opportunity to showcase these amazing artefacts.

Museums can nominate their favourite objects by the 15th of December, and from then on, it is up to the public to decide which object is awarded Object of the Year. We are extremely grateful to Devon and Cornwall Media for making this award possible by public vote, via Cornwall Live.

The story around your object will be as important as the picture – you will need to explain why it’s worth considering, be that because it particularly attention grabbing, of high cultural value or significant to your community.

This award is open to all museums and heritage organisations.

The deadline for award nominations is less than two months away! To see the full list of award categories you can nominate your organisation for, visit our website.

Make a Difference Awards

Following the success of the previous two years’ CPD grants we’ve facilitated, we are delighted to announce that the next round of Make a Difference Awards is now open.

The awards are available to support any museum staff and volunteers within their professional development and can be used for almost anything that will help to improve an area of the museum.

Ranging from study trips to see areas of best practice within another museum or site, to accredited training to upskill a member of your team, grants really can be used in whichever way will best suit you and your museum.

All we ask is that you provide some financial contribution towards the overall cost and that you share your findings so that all museums in Cornwall may benefit.

The deadline for applications is Friday 20th October.

To apply and for more information, please download the Application Form and Application Guidelines.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Jenna Marrion: / 01209 500750.