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Cornwall Museums Partnership

The Great Escape: Cornwall Consortium Proposal

Museum Development England is working in partnership with Art Fund on The Great Escape – a new UK-wide creative project for museums to engage with school children and families, inspired by the nature around us and collections in our museums, galleries, and historic houses.

The funding is for (set by Museum Development England and Art Fund):

  • Connecting with local primary schools – build new or expand connections with a local primary school through Great Escape workshops
  • Connecting with families – engage with and widen participation from families with children 7-11
  • Connecting and working with other local community groups or organisations to support engagement work with primary schools and families
  • Activities on Earth Day 2023 (Saturday 22 April)

Grants are available for up to £3k for an individual organisation, or up to £24k for a consortium of up to eight partners. CMP sees the value of collaborating and would like to support a consortium bid.

CMP is looking for museums to join a consortium approach to this fund; we will support with grant writing, reporting, and joined-up marketing for everyone taking part. We hope this will reduce the likelihood of Cornish museums competing against each other for funding, as well as lessening the administrative burden for consortium partners.

We would like to support a consortium which has objectives across the variety of work described above, with simultaneous activity occurring on or around Earth Day 2023, demonstrating the role Cornish museums have to play in raising awareness of environmentalism and reconnecting with nature.

Your activity can be with new or existing schools, audiences, and groups. It can be online or on-site. It can also be aligned with existing programming, or standalone. You must use the objects your organisation collects, but this is not limited to natural history collections.

Eligibility for the consortium follows eligibility as outlined by the funding guidance. You must be open to the public or delivering a public outcome, and demonstrate that you operate to standards of best practice (e.g. Accreditation).


The consortium requires a Lead Partner in order to submit a bid (Lead Partner must be an accredited/working towards accreditation museum). Please let us know if you would be interested in becoming the Lead Partner. You would need to:

  • Provide a named individual and email address for the funding application
  • Provide some additional information to populate the application form.

If successful:

  • Receive the funding into your bank account
  • Distribute the funding between partners
  • Submit the final report on behalf of the consortium (CMP will collate data and write the report)

This is not a definitive commitment; please contact us to discuss if you’d like more information about being a Lead Partner.


CMP can help with grant admin and marketing costs. We will:

  • Help you to shape and budget for your project
  • Undertake the grant admin
  • Draft the consortium application
  • Provide shared marketing for all activities

If you are interested in taking part in this consortium, please fill in the Expression of Interest form here.

You must follow the funding guidance in your project proposal.


Your proposal may be brief and in note form, and there may be details you do not know yet. We will be in touch when we have all the EOIs to gather further details about your project. This may be as simple as a phone call with a member of CMP, or a more in-depth discussion depending on your needs.

The deadline for submitting an EOI will be midnight on 18th October 2022. CMP will be in touch with interested organisations on 21st October.

Please note that submitting an EOI does not guarantee consortium approach will take place.

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