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Ukraine - statement of support

On behalf of Cornwall’s museum community, we wish to extend our solidarity and support for our museum and heritage colleagues in Ukraine.

We are desperately concerned for the Ukrainian people, their heritage and identity, as well as for the security of museum staff and volunteers, as they seek to protect their cultural heritage from destruction. We extend our thoughts to colleagues in the global museums’ community seeking to protect their heritage from conflict.

Ukrainian museums care for great collections of archaeology, art, science and history that document the development of Ukrainian culture and identity.

We encourage political leaders in the UK Government and international community to work together in order to restore peace and security for Ukraine subject to the international agreements and accords in place to guarantee this security, including compliance with the international obligations under the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property, and its protocols.


What can you do to support Ukraine and Ukrainians? Ukrainian Institute London


Image: © Royal Institution of Cornwall – etching of Ukrainian potato-graders working in Cornwall by Lynn Pascoe – Truro 2009.60

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