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Cornwall Museums Partnership

Visitor Insight Lens

Vision and value proposition

Cornwall Museums Partnership is an established Cornish charity, empowering museums. We have partnered with Pansensic, a world leading data analytics company to provide a unique, smart way of gaining visitor insights and trends. The Visitor Insight Lens provides a simpler way to hear visitor voice and impact, with an external and non-bias perspective of the attractions and exhibitions you offer.

The Insight Lens provides automated sentiment analysis gained from a wide array of data points, not just surveys and polls, but authentic data that provides real-time visitor feelings to discover what sets them alight and what makes them uncomfortable.
The Visitor Insight Lens will remove the world of too much data and poor insights, streamlining data collection and reducing manual analysis, freeing up to 10 times the cost of your current processes. With near real-time feedback, decisions are quicker, more reliable and insightful.

‘It’s not the attendance that matters, it’s how much they fell in love with the experience that means they will come back and tell others’

The insight lens is specifically developed for Cultural organisations and visitor attractions across the UK. It aims to support Directors of Visitor Insights and Customer Engagement with the data you need to report on; evidence of funding, new exhibit success, target audience feedback, customer journey mapping, emotional and practical responses to visits.

Create better insights with less effort – our visitor insight lens helps cultural attractions to streamline the insight journey. Our visitor insight lens helps cultural attractions simplify the insights process and have rapid access to real-time trustable, actionable information.


The problem

Data veracity: There is a huge amount of visitor data that is not currently accessed by the sector.

Data collection: Paper based surveys and feedback forms are inefficient, very limited and time consuming.

Data bias: Internal surveys can be biased and drive partial results.

Data processing: Manual inputting of surveys is time consuming and lack of insight knowledge can limit the overall impact of analysis.



The Lens gathers feeds from publicly available information, utilises machine learning and Hybrid Text Analytics (HTA) to mine input feeds from social media, on-site digital capture, in-house visitor comments and data from conversational AI to analyse and report on visitor experiences. We don’t access people’s personal and private data or images. We don’t store personal or sensitive data and don’t sell your data onto any third parties. The data used in Visitor Insight Lens is GPDR/EU Data Protection compliant and Pansensic is Cyber Essential + certified.



As an illustration, for scraped comments prices start at;

Up to 10,000 £6,000
Up to 25,000 £9,000
Up to 50,000 £12,500
Up to 100,000 £19,500
Up to 250,000 £38,500

Included in the pricing; machine translation, data cleaning, project setup cost, full platform access, continuous keyword improvement, access to CMP and Pansensic’s UI, access to Pansensic’s API via integration, CMP reviews and assistance.

We can arrange a subscription-style annual invoice at beneficial terms. We can also offer a fixed price pilot project to demonstrate proof of concept, with an evaluation report. As a charity, we want to try and make this product accessible to all cultural attractions, regardless of size, so we are happy to enter discussions on pricing. Each solution is bespoke, so please contact us to discuss pricing.

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